Friday, 25 June 2010

Nowhere Man....Don't worry

If i put every idea i had for the Nowhere Man into the video i made last year then it would run to double the song's length . I think i got to put across everything that i wanted to .There are mistakes in there but imperfections are what makes us human .
The inspiration for the video was one photo of John presumably taken by his then wife Cynthia it's in his home in Weybridge . Julian in is on his knee he's wearing those really big black specs he looks exactly like Sean Lennon and he looks a bit lost, not drugged up just really lost.

Hey Mikey

Be really fun to do a version of one of the animated interludes that appeared in the Old Jackson 5 Cartoons. I never established wether the Jackson's provided the voices themselves , I know the series was made in England by Halas & Batchelor .
The other Michael,Jackson thing i wanted to do is a bit more involved and personal from an early solo hit, i've been thinking about it for quite a while. I don't just want to do some hero worship fluff Its gonna be real bitter sweet.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Work in progress

Still working on my tribute to Heinz Edelmann and The Yellow Submarine . Work is slow and steady ,with emphasis on the slow part, still it's looking good . I have to break off every now and then with commitments to my other work. Id really like to get it out by the end of July if possible. Hey ! its officially Summer, cue Rain& Thunder.Actually its rather Sunny in London town at the moment.