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Sheb Wooley's Pet


Sgt Rawk



ink and digital colour

One Two Three Four !


Pretty much all the things in the second proper storyboard is in the final animation . Apart from the appearence of Alfred E Nueman. And a cameo of Jules Feiffer's Munro character .It didnt quite fit in.

Rough Storyboard

This is the first rough storyboard i scribbled down on a train towards the end of last year (2007). I was going to put in a prologue with Johnny way back in 1968 watching Walter Kronkite's classic CBS News report following the Tet Offensive in Vietnam,saying that America was heading for a stalemate. I can only guess what Johnny's feelings about this would have been. I only dropped it because i thought it would slow things down. Fast in, Slow out ?I dont know if it would have made things better.


This version of another Ramones song has been up on Youtube for a couple of months, so i thought id put up some storyboards and better quality framegrabs.
There were a few things i had to exclude because they just would'nt fit into the length of the song.