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Work Still In Progress

Still working on my Yellow Submarine tribute above which is one of the backgrounds. I've had to sideline it a few times but i'm really hoping to get it done by Spring 2011. One of the things i had to sideline it for i'm going to blog about next month .
And nearly got started on the Hendrix video when something interceded But i'm not abandoning it. Hey ! only a few more days till the beginning of a new decade And wont that be exciting ?

Snow London

Cant remember the last time so much snow fell in the city. I was in the Apple Store.When i went outside it was like a snowstorm.
Pity its come a week to early.

Happy Fiscal

This is probably the card i'll be sending out to friends this year Its Father Fiscal Christmas & his trusty companion Randolph The Ruddy Nosed Rat.

Flat Cat

I was driving along a fairly busy dual carriage way the other day . When i saw what i thought was a fox or a squirrel. They don't really have much of a chance on such a busy stretch . But it was neither. It was some poor cat that was grotesquely splayed out as if in a cartoon with its eyes glowing as my headlights shone at it. It had no other sign of injury but because of the extreme cold had frozen in that position. Sorry to begin the festive season with a downer. But it was literally acting as a Cats eye. Weird

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm not in the US but my relatives over there will be celebrating in a few hours time. I'll get over there to experience it sooner or later. Happy Thanksgiving

Ingrid Pitt

Ingrid Pitt passed away recently . She used to come into an Art supply store i used to work in around the early 90's . I think she was working on a book so i helped her pick out some typefaces , she was a really nice person. You here stories about various actors and their ridiculous demands . But she was a charming lady.

Happy Halloween Too Yooo

Well doesn't look like i'm going to make my Halloween deadline. I'd rather get things right then rush it through. The videos i upload tend to be slow burn as regards to reaction which is good . I'm trying things that i've never done before and trying to bring elements together is hard but it looks good.Coming home at 4.00 AM after Halloween Party last night probably didn't help either Ha. Have a great Halloween .

Not Quite Night

Still don't know if i'm going to make the Halloween deadline for the latest video, Also copyright on some of the music may present problems . But here's another preview pic. I'd rather be a bit late and be happy with the results than rush it.
I'll see how its goes .

Sketchcrawl 29

another great sketchcrawl today the venue was British Museum had no idea that the Egyptian Book Of The Dead exhibit was in full flow. So must've missed a few people, also the cool South African Landscape Garden was bulldozed. Still met up with a few fellow crawlers and spent till 4.00 drawing away . Getting darker now . I miss the summer already.

Near Dark

This is a screenshot of a project thats nearly ready . I hope so because its a horror theme and it would be good to get it out by Halloween . Its something i wanted to re-make for a while part tribute to Night Of The Living Dead part music video .

Something Else

So yes another project .. I always wanted to do a video with Jimi Hendrix . I've searched around for a decent bit of Hendrix animation that captures a little bit of the man's music that out of orbit cosmic blues magic, and i cant find any. Not to say my own one is going to be a masterpiece . And im going to try and capture his likeness as much as i can . As a kid i remember staring at the Hendrix smash hits album for ages. And no one ever puts Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell in any of the animation ive seen The Jimi Hendrix Experience was a trio not a Guitarist with a back up band these geezers were damn fine musicians in themselves . So again cant say when i'll get to finish it but ive started it at least.

Its Johnny's Birthday



Do you know how many times i ask myself this ?


Been watching a lot of the old Fleischer Popeyes recently. The remasterd dvd's that is . Absolutely crazy stuff. A pity they dont make cartoons like this anymore.

shaggy re-mixed

From time to time my videos get uploaded on to other people's channels .this one made me smile though. Good Shaggy impression.

Judy Is Back

For some reason Youtube have unblocked my Judy Is A Punk cartoon .My other Ramones cartoons are still blocked but 1 out of 4 aint bad. Don't know if it will last so watch it while you can . And hoping 1 day they will all be back up on YT.

Sketchcrawl 28

The sketchcrawl on Sat was great . What i haven't put up on the Sketchcrawl site is here. wish i'd had more time to do more colour work.

Sketch Up

I've been going out and sketching quite a lot recently. I feel a bit self conscious to begin with but that doesn't last too long.
After having a link to Sketchcrawl for while i've finally decided to go on one. Drawing and animating is for the main part quite solitary,unless you're attached to a Production Company so meeting up and drawing with other people will be cool,
The drawing above was drawn down by the river thames.

Nowhere Man....Don't worry

If i put every idea i had for the Nowhere Man into the video i made last year then it would run to double the song's length . I think i got to put across everything that i wanted to .There are mistakes in there but imperfections are what makes us human .
The inspiration for the video was one photo of John presumably taken by his then wife Cynthia it's in his home in Weybridge . Julian in is on his knee he's wearing those really big black specs he looks exactly like Sean Lennon and he looks a bit lost, not drugged up just really lost.

Hey Mikey

Be really fun to do a version of one of the animated interludes that appeared in the Old Jackson 5 Cartoons. I never established wether the Jackson's provided the voices themselves , I know the series was made in England by Halas & Batchelor .
The other Michael,Jackson thing i wanted to do is a bit more involved and personal from an early solo hit, i've been thinking about it for quite a while. I don't just want to do some hero worship fluff Its gonna be real bitter sweet.

Work in progress

Still working on my tribute to Heinz Edelmann and The Yellow Submarine . Work is slow and steady ,with emphasis on the slow part, still it's looking good . I have to break off every now and then with commitments to my other work. Id really like to get it out by the end of July if possible. Hey ! its officially Summer, cue Rain& Thunder.Actually its rather Sunny in London town at the moment.


Also working on this, my ode to 70's animation a la Sesame Street. I loved those animated incerpts, Hard to infuse soul into the 3D cartoons that Kids TV is awash with these days, Other than Pixar of course,but they're way ahead of the game and super talented to boot.


Still slogging away at the Heinz Edelmann /Yellow Sub tribute .a few pics from a sketchbook i've been filling up.

Many Happy Returns Ronald Searle

No one can draw a Sneer quite like Mr Searle

Pepperland Revisited

I've sort of started on this little project, Its a tribute to Heinz Edelmann and Yellow Submarine .It seems to be expanding all the time as i get one crazy idea after another. All being well i'll finish it before Robert Zemeckis's re-imagining.