Flat Cat

I was driving along a fairly busy dual carriage way the other day . When i saw what i thought was a fox or a squirrel. They don't really have much of a chance on such a busy stretch . But it was neither. It was some poor cat that was grotesquely splayed out as if in a cartoon with its eyes glowing as my headlights shone at it. It had no other sign of injury but because of the extreme cold had frozen in that position. Sorry to begin the festive season with a downer. But it was literally acting as a Cats eye. Weird


Mark.Edmundson said…
Hi there

I looked for an email address to contact you but unfortunately there was none available. I am a member of a local rock band in the North East of England called The Tarmac Cats. We are looking for a logo or photo to use for our posters to promote the band and when I was googling "flat cats" I came across your drawing, which would be ideal. I would be very grateful if you would give us permission to use it please.

Best wishes

Neil-W said…
Hi sorry only just read your comment if you leave an email address I'll get back to you cheers