Ramones Cartoon No 7: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

Ramones Cartoon Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

This is the 7th and proabably final Ramones cartoon. Its based on the song of course and the Sheena comic, though i think the song itself was more likely inspired by the 50's TV series Sheena Queen Of The Jungle.
Its also a tribute to 70's animation that I liked.A Facebook comment that my animation was terrible and worse than 80's Animation made me laugh. As long as it's entertaining somebody while they're watching it . That's all that matters to me.

The video has been uploaded on to youtube . But as per restrictions its blocked from public view.If id got it finished  3 - 4 years prior it may have made it on there without the block.
Update: since it was originally uploaded to YouTube the block has been lifted (for now) and free to view. And it’s got over 40’000 views .

These books were my main source material as well as studying lots of photography of 70's NYC
Backgrounds: Pen and watercolor ink wash for that 70's look. I love those Ira Turek backgrounds in Ralph Bakshi's features from that time .

                                         Sheena dons her newly acquired Leather Jacket


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