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Work Still In Progress

Still working on my Yellow Submarine tribute above which is one of the backgrounds. I've had to sideline it a few times but i'm really hoping to get it done by Spring 2011. One of the things i had to sideline it for i'm going to blog about next month .
And nearly got started on the Hendrix video when something interceded But i'm not abandoning it. Hey ! only a few more days till the beginning of a new decade And wont that be exciting ?

Snow London

Cant remember the last time so much snow fell in the city. I was in the Apple Store.When i went outside it was like a snowstorm.
Pity its come a week to early.

Happy Fiscal

This is probably the card i'll be sending out to friends this year Its Father Fiscal Christmas & his trusty companion Randolph The Ruddy Nosed Rat.

Flat Cat

I was driving along a fairly busy dual carriage way the other day . When i saw what i thought was a fox or a squirrel. They don't really have much of a chance on such a busy stretch . But it was neither. It was some poor cat that was grotesquely splayed out as if in a cartoon with its eyes glowing as my headlights shone at it. It had no other sign of injury but because of the extreme cold had frozen in that position. Sorry to begin the festive season with a downer. But it was literally acting as a Cats eye. Weird