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Christmas Cards 2009



I love Ronald Searle's illustrations to Dickins A Christmas Carol. Recent animated versions (i have'nt seen the Jim Carey/Zemekis version) tend to be bland and uniform. Nothing tops Richard Williams 1971 TV short . I always wanted to try animating a tiny bit but only got round to trying out character designs like the above . Its so hard to capture Searle's drawing style and then animate it. Uli Meyer ( animated a walk cycle of a character from Dick Deadeye which was spot on.
I'll get something done hopefully that doesnt look too bad to share.


The music video for Bapa was featured on the main page of Youtube last week resulting in a massive increase in recorded views.
Goes to show Build it and they will come eventually. I'm more used to a slow burn of months but both is good.I really wanted to do all the animation in pencil but time did not allow.

At Night

looks a bit better , i'll more than likely trash it (no space) so this will be a nice record of it Happy safe Halloween folks.

Happy Halloween

Made up this haunted house for Halloween from a bunch of boxes poster paint and tape. Loosely based on the Addams Family abode i figure if i put a bowl of sweets near it i wont have to awnser the door while i'm watching 'Mad Monster Party' or something

Gurrumul Bapa Video

Here is the full video to Geoffrey Gurrumul's Bapa which i contributed some animation. Various parts were rotoscoped and composited in After Effects by Mike & Will. A haunting beautiful song.


I've nearly finished animation work on a video for the amazing Geoffrey Gurrumul. I say nearly it could go on for a bit longer tidying things up etc . I hope its ok ,the song is amazing i really hope i've done some justice to it, Hopefully i'll upload some more screengrabs and sketches soon and i'll put a link to the video right here. And if you do'nt know who Geoffrey Gurrumul is Google the name.

In the meantime...

I've not been able to upload anything in a while due to work , but if you're one of the few people who are annoyed at Youtube disabling the Judy Is A Punk cartoon,that is still featured on my Channel this is for you. And another one for good measure.

Ramones Cartoon Judy Is A Punk @ Yahoo! Video

Ramones Cartoon Commando @ Yahoo! Video

Heinz Edelmann RIP

I just found out via Cartoon Brew that Heinz Edelmann passed away. Year after year i continue to be amazed by his work for Yellow Submarine. As Bob Godfrey said in the UK at least there was before Yellow Submarine and After Yellow submarine, Financially a disaster but critically and design wise an overbearing success.
I made one tribute to Yellow Submarine a few years back and would really like to do something in that vein again as a tribute to a design legend.
Bless You Heinz

.......It was 40 Years Ago Today


Sooner Or Later

Hope to have some new things uploaded in a while. Meanwhile here's a screenshot of somehing upcoming

Beatle Drawings

A few Sketches and a Pen & Ink line drawing for the Nowhere Man video. The latter inspired by the Revolver Cover of course.
One of my favorite times of the year. Days getting longer and warmer (well within the limits of British weather) I've been working on a few things i actually finished 2 videos weeks ago but have been holding back,maybe as a result of what happened to some of my previous Fan Music videos. working on a third one that's not necessarily music based but deals with a Major Pop culture Icon . I'll reveal more soon . Thanks for browsing

Early Daze

Still working on this,though its still early days...

Orson Animation

So here it is. I've been wanting to animate this for a long time. Orson Welles was an amazing fella so i wanted to tag on the Shadow bit at the end. Its funny to think that there's a whole generation of people who only associate him as the voice of 'Pinky' from the 90's cartoon 'Pinky & The Brain' even though Orson was long gone and they used a talented voice actor.
Anyway hats off to a genius.

Orson Peas blooper

And here's one of the other pieces. Its the out take of Orson's Frozen Pea's ad I blogged about it last year so i think it's high time i finished it off.

Work in progress

I'm working on various things with a view to getting something uploaded soon. One music related video features these two guys.

Another one bites the dust

looks like all The Ramones videos are going to be taken down eventually,I'm sorry to say. If the situation ever changes between Warner Music Group and Google/youtube i will of course put them up again. But i would'nt hold your breath. Thanks to everyone who commented on them .99'000 views wow.

Alan Aldridge

Caught the Alan Aldridge exhibition on New Years day. It was a cold Dank day in London and i needed a splash of colour .Best known for Beatles Illustrated Lyrics,Elton John's Captain Fantastic and illustrating The Butterfly Ball . Also had his short Animation Adventures Of Rollo playing on a monitor. Cool exhibition ends late Jan