I love Ronald Searle's illustrations to Dickins A Christmas Carol. Recent animated versions (i have'nt seen the Jim Carey/Zemekis version) tend to be bland and uniform. Nothing tops Richard Williams 1971 TV short . I always wanted to try animating a tiny bit but only got round to trying out character designs like the above . Its so hard to capture Searle's drawing style and then animate it. Uli Meyer ( animated a walk cycle of a character from Dick Deadeye which was spot on.
I'll get something done hopefully that doesnt look too bad to share.


kiroga said…
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Brian Sibley said…
I, too, am a huge fan of Dick Williams' A Christmas Carol, but would love to see the Searle Scrooge brought to life. I bought the book when it was first published in, I think, 1960 or '61, and adored it for its fun and energy: the scene at Fezziwig's Ball always looked as if it was meant to be animated, but it was only recently, at Matt Jones' talk at the Ronald Searle exhibition at the Cartoon Museum, that I discovered that Searle had originally planned to make an animated version of Dickens' story.