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Jerky Boys

The later Jerky Boys recordings were kinda laboured and puerile,. But the first album Cd ,Cassette whatever Was fast hit em hard hilarity. With Phone Pranks very much in the news in the UK at present i put up one of my favourite Jerky Boy moments

Basement Revisited

At some point there will be a longer version Of Basement uploaded,Ideally it should be for Halloween but that's out the window for this year . Sometime in the future though.It will include a tribute to one of my favourite Horror films the seminal NOTLD

Its Halloween !



My new Ramones Video is finally finished and should be uploaded either later today (Sat 25th or Sun) i planned to have it done weeks ago but. Stuff happens. Its a video of 'Chain Saw' with some added bits. I Had lots of fun planning it out.Not so much fun trying to figure out how to actually achieve what i wanted to . Still if anyone reads my blog let me know what you think.

"Along Dawn's Highway Bleeding"

And this is a sneek peak at one of the scenes.More to come.....

Spooky Season Has Arrived

I've been busy trying to finish off various bits of animation . Including another Horror themed video again featuring Da Bruders aka (The Ramones) Hoping to have it out in a couple of weeks Maybe sooner .