Ramones Cartoon : Ramonestones

The Animation is now up online . Think i  had the idea as long as 4 years ago when i just did a quick sketch  of  Joey Ramone and put him into a background from The Flintstones world
I didnt really have any other song in mind than "Listen To My Heart" . Seemed to fit in very easily
The original Flintsones series was one of the first things i can remember watching as a kid.
Mainly for the opening and closing segments. Very simple and repetitive. But in a catchy good way.
originally Fred was going to make an appearance at the beginning. But i just wanted something really
simple so dumped Fred and put in his daughter  Pebbles and her Boyfriend  Bam Bam . They had a spin off show
The Pebbles & Bam Bam Show which came out mid 70's around the time The Ramones were starting to make an impact so seemed to make sense.To me anyway. The background characters mainly come from that show


I really loved the backgrounds from the original Flintstones show and a while back the Mighty John K
( Ren & Stimpy's creator) had a post on his blog with a piece by Art lozzi who created a lot of the early backgrounds and shared his technique which i tried to do but probably in a ham fisted way.
Early results were pretty bad so mainly trying over and over till they looked as close as i could get them. This was on a heavy blue card and painted over with gouache paint and a bit of sponging.
The building is Bedrocks equivalent of CBGB's  BCBC's  hah hah very witty huh ?

The first background for the stage area wasn't too great so again just doing a lot till they looked more
convincing in a Flinstoney kind of way. This was painted with gouache first a pale light blue then
layered over with a darker blue. Also by just cutting out stencil type shapes and sponging over these again with gouache seemed to make it look more authentic. And it was the same process for the various
walls of the club.

I didn't really have to paint a lot of these just enough to vary the angles. Doing them on photoshop possibly easier but wouldn't have that same effect and i just sometimes prefer the look of real paint 
as a background. Not that there is anything wrong with digital painting.

This was for the last shot Rock Donalds Bedrock's premier fast food outlet .I did add the lettering 
digitally easier to remove if i fudged it up. I took screen grabs from The Flintsones series just as
a reference for the look . Again good old gouache paint just in simple blocks of colour
then going over that with a heavy black line . And some sponging with a stencil.


Ns Ramone said…
hi cool looking videos love them i hope you dont mind ive posted them on my blog http://ramoneslivebootlegs.blogspot.co.uk/
with a link here if its a problem let me know and ill remove them

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