Work Still In Progress

Still working on my Yellow Submarine tribute above which is one of the backgrounds. I've had to sideline it a few times but i'm really hoping to get it done by Spring 2011. One of the things i had to sideline it for i'm going to blog about next month .
And nearly got started on the Hendrix video when something interceded But i'm not abandoning it. Hey ! only a few more days till the beginning of a new decade And wont that be exciting ?


susan supercharged 10 said…
Dude, I love your Ramones Judy is a Punk animation. It's so perfect that it's so simple and al the flaws are there. It really works great. Do you know there's a yellow submarine remake on its hollywierd way? Did you know peter serafinowicz is voicing all of it? he's on twitter, you should send him some of your stuff, tell him I sent you. I have posted the Ramones on my twitter and FB and friends in NYC have too. Do you have a website?
Neil-W said…
Hi Susan yes i know about the Robert Zemeckis re-imagining of Yellow Submarine. my video is going to be a tribute to the original and especially the genius behind the designs .Heinz Edelmann, Its taking ages but it looks amazing really close to what i hoped it would be. But i want it to be worthy of that fantastic film and all the people behind the original. It tore my heart out when they took my Ramones cartoons off Youtube . So glad one survived . This is my only web presence at the moment, Thanks, Oh yes i haven't finished with the Ramones entirely.