Sorry folks it looks like the video to Commando has been taken down. It was a Fan Video and i made absolutely no money from it . Maybe if id just uploaded the track and stuck an Album cover in front of it that'd make things ok. Or maybe there's an official video on the way . Which is fine by me. I did try uploading to another site but as soon as it was up it was taken down. So someone really does'nt want it available. The other three videos i've produced are still up on my channel and are freely available at the present but if the copyright holders dont want them around then there's nothing i can do about it. And will sadly mean i wont be producing anymore, which will be a real shame because they are fun to do and people get pleasure out of them.
Nothing more to add except have a Great New Year. Peace


Anonymous said…
It's sad. Your Ramones cartoons are awersome(as your other paintings) and commando video was my favourite(((.
Could you send me commando video to my email I tried to google it but couldn't find in other places.
I will not upload it anywhere without your permisson.
P.S. I'm from Russia. So your art became famous far from the UK :) Sorry for possible language mistakes.
Anonymous said…
someone told me someone in Brazil uploaded it here
Anonymous said…
Thank you