Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ronald Searle.......

Searle .The Cartoonists cartoonist and probably my all time favorite illustrator.


Brian Sibley said...

RS as St Trinian's Founder's Day undertaker!

It didn't prove quite so easy to shake off that reputation, did it? But those of us know better, appreciate Searle for so much more than just St T's, don't we? :)

Neil-W said...

We certainly do . It's the odd spot cartoons he did which make me smile the most . The Balloon seller who
hands out the balloons he sells to children which then sends them sailing off into the sky is one i like.
Not to mention the his reportage drawings .
The man was a master of his craft.

Brian Sibley said...

Yes, I, too, love the balloon-seller and 'Looking at London' is my favourite of his books.